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CATEGORY: Sacred Heart Church

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Singinberger Demolition Project, home built for music director of church, located south of church (many photos)
Demolition of church hall, 4 photos
View of main altar and side altars
Rectory, church and school (on the right)
Sacred Heart Cornerstone
Marian Awards at St. Francis, group of children in uniforms and priest
Annual CYO trophy ball of Sacred Heart parish
Pack 300, Blue-Gold
2 photos of demolition of Singenberger house
Steeple of church
Picture of front of church
Sacred Heart Church razed
Sacred Heart Church razed
Sacred Heart School
Sacred Heart church and rectory
Roberta Rudolph Grunert with church bell
Tearing down Sacred Heart school
Tearing down Sacred Heart school
Building of Sacred Heart school
Sacred Heart School
11 photos of the demolition of Sacred Heart Church
Father Zwadzich
Memorial Day, Sacred Heart Cemetery
Ordination picture, Father Philip Klein, pastor of Sacred Heart with his 'bride'