Resources Available to Support Research

Do you ...

        ... wonder if your ancestors lived in St. Francis / Town of Lake?
        ... have noises in your house at night and wonder who used to live there?
        ... see a St. Francis street that's now a dead end and wonder why?
        ... remember a building that used to be "there" long ago and wonder why its gone?

The Members of the St. Francis Historical Society can help you with your historical questions:

"Where Your Heart Remains ..."

Society Members have a vast knowledge of the city's history and roots. Most have lived in St. Francis their entire lives. Many also had parents, grandparents, and older ancestors that lived in the St. Francis / Town of Lake area. Talking with a Member is a trip down "memory lane." If you are interested in the happenings of a certain area or looking for a unique and interesting anecdote, contact the Society and we'll connect you with a Member. Even better, become a member yourself and meet the entire membership.

Society Artifacts

The Society archive contains a large number of artifacts that have been collected and donated over the years. Signage, building relics, household items, and special event items - each with its own story - fill the shelves. A project was begun in late 2013 to catalog all the items and to capture each item's unique history and bearing on the formation and growth of St. Francis. As the listing becomes available, it will be posted on this website. Also, if you are interested in a specific type of item or area, you can contact the Society to see what we might have for you.

An interesting place to start is the Society's display of artifacts located at the new St. Francis Civic Center. You'll find display cases and background stories in the Rotunda area. See what might pique your interest - and the Society offices are just around the corner in the same building.

Society Document and Photo Archive

The Society library contains documents such as newspapers, city event documents, tax rolls and other city administration documents, school year books and articles, biographical files on notable residents, subject files, war records, and cemetery records. In addition, there are a large number of subject and area photographs. The Society's organization project to catalog the library was also started in late 2013 and will soon be available.

Contact the Membership for Research Help

Whether you're looking into your family's past, interested in the history of the house or property you live at, or just curious about some past or present St. Francis landmark - the Society can help. In addition to the great "historical memory" of the combined membership, many of the Members have performed their own research and are experienced in techniques, useful sources, and have personally used both library and web resources currently available.

Although there is no set rate or arrangement yet for Society Research Assistance, you will find that Members are happy to share their knowledge and skills to get you started in the right direction. Many members would also be interested in 1-on-1 research support efforts. Contact the Society with your needs and ideas and let us help!