Society Display Cases Located in the City Civic Center Rotunda


Cabinet 1 - "Our Foundation" Image

  • Indian artifacts and a paragraph about the history of the Indians in the Town of Lake area.
  • Map and info about the settlers claiming land in 1836-37
  • Info and photo of George H. Wentworth farm
  • Artifacts, info, and photos of St. Francis Convent
  • Artifacts, info, and photos of St. Francis Seminary
  • Photo of train station, toy train on shelf and paragraph about the station

Cabinet 2 - "Life on the Farm" Image

  • Farm implements
  • Household implements
  • Picture of Joseph Vallier farmhouse and info about his farm on Lake Dr.
  • Picture of John and Eva Koniar and info about their farm on Whitnall Ave.

Cabinet 3 - "Our Educational History" Image

  • Photos of the schools, both public and religious, in St. Francis; map in the background with red flags marking their place on the map
  • Images of various school objects and school related objects that will be put on shelves, including toys
  • School desk will be in the cabinet

Cabinet 4 - "Town of Lake" Image

  • Short history of Town of Lake
  • Photo of Water Tower groundbreaking
  • Photo of Lakeside Power Plant
  • Shovel (and plaque) used for Water Towner groundbreaking
  • Fire helmet from Harvey Korn, volunteer firefighter
  • Other Town of Lake artifacts

Cabinet 5 - "City of St. Francis" Image

  • City seal
  • Butcher paper that was used for signatures for incorporation
  • Picture of Papa's store and the owners from which the butcher paper came from, as well as 2 butcher knives and sharpener from the store
  • Other political information

Cabinet 6 - "Our Business History" Image

  • Hoping to find a barrel for the Kitzinger Cooperage display
  • Anton Calteux's tool chest and tools
  • Information about Anton Calteux
  • Other businesses will be included, to be determined

Cabinet 7 - "Business Leaders" Image

  • Divided by years: 1836-1900; 1900-1925; 1925-1950; 1950-1975; 1975-2014
  • Businesses being considered: Herman butcher shop St. Francis Avenue
  • Black Bear Soda
  • Vretnar Construction
  • EZ Painter
  • Will try to have objects placed on shelves to represent these businesses

Cabinet 8 - "Our Soldiers" Image

  • All major wars represented: WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam (possibly Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan?)
  • Have some artifacts from these wars, ration coupons, flag, uniform, shoe shine kit, gaiters from WWI (but we need some boots to put them on)