Society Exhibits

The St. Francis Historical Society offices are located at the St. Francis City Civic Center. The Society space includes offices, storage, a research room, and 8 display cabinets in the Civic Center rotunda.


Society Display Cases Located in the City Civic Center Rotunda


Cabinet 1 - "Our Foundation"

  • Indian artifacts and a paragraph about the history of the Indians in the Town of Lake area.
  • Map and info about the settlers claiming land in 1836-37
  • Info and photo of George H. Wentworth farm
  • Artifacts, info, and photos of St. Francis Convent
  • Artifacts, info, and photos of St. Francis Seminary
  • Photo of train station, toy train on shelf and paragraph about the station

Cabinet 2 - "Life on the Farm"

  • Farm implements
  • Household implements
  • Picture of Joseph Vallier farmhouse and info about his farm on Lake Dr.
  • Picture of John and Eva Koniar and info about their farm on Whitnall Ave.

Cabinet 3 - "Our Educational History"

  • Photos of the schools, both public and religious, in St. Francis; map in the background with red flags marking their place on the map
  • Images of various school objects and school related objects that will be put on shelves, including toys
  • School desk will be in the cabinet

Cabinet 4 - "Town of Lake"

  • Short history of Town of Lake
  • Photo of Water Tower groundbreaking
  • Photo of Lakeside Power Plant
  • Shovel (and plaque) used for Water Towner groundbreaking
  • Fire helmet from Harvey Korn, volunteer firefighter
  • Other Town of Lake artifacts

Cabinet 5 - "City of St. Francis"

  • City seal
  • Butcher paper that was used for signatures for incorporation
  • Picture of Papa's store and the owners from which the butcher paper came from, as well as 2 butcher knives and sharpener from the store
  • Other political information

Cabinet 6 - "Our Business History"

  • Hoping to find a barrel for the Kitzinger Cooperage display
  • Anton Calteux's tool chest and tools
  • Information about Anton Calteux
  • Other businesses will be included, to be determined

Cabinet 7 - "Business Through the Years"

  • Divided by years: 1836-1900; 1900-1925; 1925-1950; 1950-1975; 1975-2014
  • Businesses being considered: Herman butcher shop St. Francis Avenue
  • Black Bear Soda
  • Vretnar Construction
  • EZ Painter
  • Will try to have objects placed on shelves to represent these businesses

Cabinet 8 - "Our Soldiers"

  • All major wars represented: WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam (possibly Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan?)
  • Have some artifacts from these wars, ration coupons, flag, uniform, shoe shine kit, gaiters from WWI (but we need some boots to put them on)

Additional research assistance and resources available through the Society are described here: Research Resources Available