Society Newsletter

The St. Francis Historical Society newsletter, Nojoshing, is currently published on a quarterly schedule, and sent directly to Members. Society members have the choice of newsletter delivery by either regular mail or email.

The Society's Newsletter Archive consists of the issues presented below. These issues may be also be viewed at the Society Research Room.

Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
2019 March June
2018 March June September December
2017 March June September December
2016 March June September December
2015 March June September December
2014 April June September December

Year 1st Bi-Monthly 2nd Bi-Monthly 3rd Bi-Monthly 4th Bi-Monthly 5th Bi-Monthly 6th Bi-Monthly
2013 January March May July September November
2012 January     July October  
2011 January March June   October  
2010 January March May   October  
2009   March May July September November
2006       July September  
2003   April        
2002 January March        
2001           November
1993   Spring        
1991 Winter Spring        
1990 Winter Spring Summer Fall    
1989   Spring Summer Fall    
1988 Winter Spring        
1987 Winter Spring Summer Fall    
1986   Spring May Fall    
1985       Fall    
1984   Spring Summer Fall    
1983   Spring Summer Fall    
1982 Winter Spring Summer Memories    
1981     Summer      
1980       Fall