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CATEGORY: St. Francis High School

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St. Francis High School view from Lake Drive
St. Francis cheerleaders, l to r, Mary Maczka, Sally Hanson, Diane Ujcich, Kathy Lewis, Pam Kochan, Cathy Alvey, Gloria Stencil
St. Francis high school, from the files of St. Francis Reminder Enterprise
School board and administrator, l to r: George Berzowski, Norman Easey, Charles Lacke, Rudolph Hoppe, James Markwardt, Raymond Calteux
Ground breaking ceremony St. Francis High School
St. Francis Concert Band
St. Francis foreign exchange students
Livi Gianquinto, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Marie Auzman, Kendra Ramsdell, Fred Seitz, Dick Wueste, Lupe Proano
Diana Basha, 3910 S Pennsylvania, Kenneth Ramsdell, 3002 E Allerton
St. Francis Swim Team
St. Francis Band Boosters Pancake supper
2 St. Francis football players, one on the ground, one holding the football
2 St. Francis High School football players with two coaches
St. Francis football player being tackled
St. Francis football players at practice
St. Francis football player catching (or dropping) the ball
St. Francis basketball player with the ball (St. Francis & New Berlin)
St. Francis Prom royal couple, Cyril Kulinski & Laurel Smith
King Cyril Kulinski and Queen Laurel Smith
St. Francis Prom
Woman dancing in her bare feet
AFS students
Cornerstone laid at St. Francis High School
'Cigarette girls' 2 photographs
'Cigarette girls' one seated, one standing
Class of 1968
Tibebu Tamirat, exchange student from Ethiopia
St. Francis Assn. of Commerce presents scholarships to 2 from St. Francis, Doc Wichgers and Joe Wolf make awards
St. Francis football practice
St. Francis basketball game
Group of students identified only as 'St. Francis High - 1964'
High school choir (?)
Ralph Thomas, smallest center of all teams in the tournament was leading point maker of all the centers in the tourney.
Rev. S. V. Laban, Racine, St. Francis graduate
South end of St. Francis High School
Robert W. Long and Dr. Ralph Wichgers $395 check for St. Francis High School
Phyllis Easey
Basketball game, loose ball
Homecoming king and queen, Pam Kochan and Mike Neary
St. Francis High School under construction
East end of St. Francis High School
St. Francis prom
Rotary Club, St.Francis (Charles Lacke on left)
St. Francis Varsity Baseball (batter, catcher, umpire)
Alan T. Wilson, new principal, St. Francis High school
Richard Milton, St. Francis Athletic Director
5 clarinet players in uniform
Chorus, 1965
5 drummers and one cymbal player
St. Francis High School ground breaking
St. Francis High School ground breaking, Mr. Charles Lacke
Mr. Dummert Band Director
High School dedication 3rd from left, Francis Schuster 2nd from right, Harwood Staats 1st from right, Charles Lacke
St. Francis High School ground breaking
St. Francis High School at Fair Fest Spring (3 accordion players)
Melroy Behnke, St. Francis High School Principal
St. Francis High School baseball team; list of names on back
Scholarship awards, Ray Janis on left, Dr. Ralph Wichers on right
St. Francis High School judo class, Instructor Ira Lee being thrown by Mrs. Lois Mikula
Halloween, St. Francis High School
National Honor Society