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CATEGORY: City of St. Francis

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8 Colored pictures of construction of Howard Avenue
St. Francis City Hall Council Chambers
Student Government Day in St. Francis, picture taken at St. Francis City Hall, unnamed students with mayor, city attorney, city clerk and aldermen
St. Francis City Council, 6 aldermen, mayor, treasurer, city attorney, city clerk
City Hall office workers, city nurse, senior engineer, Diane Dermody, Jack Schultz, Marion Ciesielski, Diane Beaumont, Diane Johnston, Jo Konieczka
Highway department employees in front of new city garage, 2 photos, one an enlargement
Municipal building picture donated by Mary Becker
St. Francis City Hall
City garage picture donated by Mary Becker
Elected and appointed city officials
Herman Jenny, Lydon McFaul, Fred Schoendorf, Herb Kiehl, Warren Zichaehr (?), Frank Hilton, Terry O'Brien
Looking southwest from corner of East Cudahy and South Illinois Avenues where new Pick & Save grocery store and strip mall being built, Claire Marie Staats, 10 months old
Barnes concession stand across the street from the Electric Company, 3 photos plus one enlargement
4610 South Whitnall Avenue, 44 units, Harry Peterson Building Inspector, 4 photos
Ground breaking for St. Francis Municipal Building, Bolivar and Nicholson
Tree lighting, Mayor Herb Kiehl, priest, unknown man, Santa with a fake face
St. Francis Common Council, 11 men including mayor and city clerk
City Assessor, not identified
Civic Center ground breaking, 11 photos
Storage shed on Bolivar with insurance paper
Band shell at Memorial park, 2 photos with insurance paper
City garage, 2 photos, with insurance paper
St. Francis Library, 2 photos with insurance paper
Pavillion at Vretenar memorial park, 2 pictures with insurance paper
City garage pole building, 2 photos with insurance paper
Ground breaking of new St. Francis Municipal building, Herb Kiehl, mayor donated by Bob Schwingle
St. Francis Fire Department, city officials, picture donated by Bob Schwingle
Town of Lake Consolidation Town Property, (St. Francis Voting Booth?), 2043 E. St. Francis Avenue
Looking east on St. Francis Avenue at Chicago & Northwestern Railway
St. Francis Avenue looking west at Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Welcome to St. Francis sign taken at night after snowstorm
Municipal garage, Bolivar Avenue
St. Francis City Hall (Municipal Building) 3 photos
St. Francis City Hall (Municipal building), 3 photos
Airplane named City of St. Francis with Carol Wojtecki
Green park storage building, razed 9/1989, with insurance paper
Aerial photo from Lipton Avenue (not named) looking east to Lake Michigan, showing Howard, Norwich, Tesch and Waterford Avenues
Aerial view of Waxman'sTerrace Subdivision
Aerial view, Waxman's Tesch Terrace Subdivision
Aerial view Waxman's Tesch Terrace Subdivision
Aerial view, Waxman's Tesch Terrace Subdivision
50th Anniversary party, 5 photos (there are supposed to be 9 but I don't know where the first 4 are.
Seated: L to R Fred Schoendorf, Herb Kiehl, Harwood Staats, Ray Klug Standing: L to R Don Howard, Gil Loferski, Jim Mallas, Jerry McManus, Francis Schuster, Barney Glowinski
Developer's rendering of Whitnall Square Shopping Center
Demolition of 1st City Hall (formerly Sacred Heart Convent)
Mr. Gilbert Czarnecki, Civil Defense Director, Mr. R. Kuhns, Assistant Civil Defense Director. 2 photos
Mayor Paul Rainer, Bernard Glowinski, St.Francis Community Blood Bank, Mr. Gilbert Czarnecki, Civil Defense Director, 3 photos