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CATEGORY: Thompson School

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Thompson school 1938
Class trip to Columbus, Wis, Rudy Hoppe chaperone
Circus at Thompson School
Jordon Puetz and Walter Ollmann, kindergarten
Addition construction
Grade 4, Mrs. Henschel
PM Kindergarten, Mrs. Schmidt
Grade 2, Miss Greenleaf
3rd & 4th grade, Mrs. Burnside, Mrs.Roberts,Principal
Grade 2, Room 18
Grade 3
Grade 8
2nd grade, Mrs. Schlitz, Mrs. Roberts Principal
Grade 7
Grade 6
1st grade, Miss Ryan, Mrs. Roberts, Principal
1st grade, Mrs.Hanson, Mrs. Roberts, Principal
Miss Dolata, retirement party, Mrs. Roberts, Miss Dolata, former students (?), Dr. Wichgers
Olive Roberts, Mr. Roberts, 35 years of teaching
PTA Carnival, Dan Kovatovich, Maureen Andrich, Mrs. Roberts, Rita Schaefer
Student Council
2nd school, plus addition added sometime between 1914 and 1918
Costumed children in library (name of each photo is Joanne Richards but I think she may have taken the pictures) 9 photos
Kindergarten class
Thompson School with children lined up in front of school, (2 large and 2 small pictures)
Kindergarten, 1965-1966, 2 classes
Thompson school, colored picture
Miss Wojta, a teacher at Thompson School in 1925, small pictures of Lorraine Conway and Olive Brader Roberts, teachers at Thompson School in 1925
Adalaide Wojta, Lorraine Conway, Lydia Block, Olive Brader-Roberts, teachers at Thompson School in 1925
Thompson School addition
Cub Scouts (Boy Scouts) baskets for needy, Christmas 1961
Boy Scouts, Flag Presentation
Jack Nelson, Pack 305, Thompson School, retires from cubbing
Kindergarten graduates (?)
'Ice' sculptures at Thompson school (looks like snowmen)
Christmas collection for Southern Colony
Christine Witt, grade 5, jumper, Paul Wutt, grade 7, Greg Burbey, grade 7
Ted Tauss, ex vice principal, Thompson School
View of school with first addition, taken from west side of school
Picture of Thompson School before first addition, Spring 1954
Brownie Scouts at 'fly-up' ceremony to intermediate Scouts
Picture taken about 1935
Lillian Heine, student
8th grade graduation
8th grade graduation
8th grade graduation
Mrs. Olive Roberts, 35 years teaching
Girls baseball team
St. Francis Civil Defense "Operaton Alert" probably late 50's early 60's
St. Francis Civil Defense Winners
picture of 2 men and 1 girl, man on left Dr.William Parks
l to r: Emily Ryback, Lorraine Czechowkski, unknown, Mrs.Schwalbe
PTA Discussion group
Picnic at Humboldt Park, Thompson PTA
Picnic (at Humboldt Park ?)
PTA Picnic at Humboldt Park
Mrs. Dolata
Thompson PTA, 1 State President(?), 2 Mrs. Hilton, 3 Mrs Harvey, 4 Mrs. Weinhold, 5 Mrs Sramek, 6 Mrs. Jaretz, 7 Mrs. Tillson
Grade 6, Mrs. McNally
Thompson School Grade 1, Room 4
Thanksgiving play, 2nd grade
3rd & 4th grades
1st grade, Miss Dolata, Mrs. Roberts Principal
St. Francis Halloween
Cornerstone from Thompson School, 1938
Webelos Emblem award
Miss Brader, Meta Ollmann, Miss Conway on two pictures, Wojta, Conway, Block and Brader on third picture
Blue-Gold dinner, pack 305, 4 pictures
3 unknown women, and Lorraine Czecharski, Mrs. Heinan and Dorothy
L to R: Unknown, Patty Casper, Unknown, Laura Easey, Darlene Sitarz, Arlene Sitarz, Uknown
Girls baseball team
6 miscellaneous photos
Miss Dolata retirement party, Mr. Jerety, Mr. Tillson
Miss Dolata's class
Children at Thompson School who went on the trip to Columbus, Wisconsin
PTA carnival
Mrs. Wilson's 4th graders presenting a program on square dancing, Thompson PTA, 2 photos
Mrs. McNally's 5th grade representing story book characters, Thompson School PTA, 2 photos
Thompson School PTA officers, 7 photos
Teachers of Thompson School, 5 photos
'The Blue Notes"
Thompson School
Thompson School PTA , Dad's night
Final meeting of the 1956-1957 PTA, Square dancing and installing new officers, 3 photos
PTA members and officers at dinner, 3 photos
Thompson School PTA Mothers and Fathers Christmas Party, 10 photos
Thompson School PTA Christmas Party, 7 photos
Thompson School PTA, February, March and April,1959, 6 photos
Various Thompson School PTA pictures, 10 photos