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CATEGORY: Faircrest (St. Francis Heights) School

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Photo of Faircrest (St. Francis Heights) School
Photo of Faircrest School
Class picture from the 1920's of St. Francis Heights, with students identified
Description says "Rent(?) piece of art from Art Gallery" St. Francis Heights.
Special Help Class with Mrs. Johnson, St. Francis Heights School
5 children sitting at table and working at some type of art project
St. Francis Heights PTA Christmas baskets, 7 children holding various food items
Five children sitting in front of Christmas tree holding or playing with toys
13 young men in a band, holding their instruments
Part of chorus 12 children
Brownie Troop 831 St. Francis Heights School
Crip set made by mentally -----------
Sigrid Rasmussen, art consultant to appear at art workshop at St. Francis Heights School
St. Francis Easter Parade, 4 girls with bonnets and parasols
St. Francis Heights students attend Shrine Circus, children lined up in front of two buses
St. Francis teacher's workshop at St. Francis Heights school, 4 women and one man looking at "Science in your own backyard".
'the hot dog eating' Frank Napoli, two women and two men sitting and eating, one man standing
Easter Hats at St. Francis Heights, 4 girls
4 children dressed as Indian, and Pilgrims decorating tree with eggs, picture says Easter
Cookie deliveries, group of Girl Scouts standing around boxes of Girl Scout cookies
Graduation photo
Kindergarten at Faircrest school, Easter, 1964, 4 boys and 4 girls wearing headgear
Flag raising
St. Francis Heights School, grades 6 & 7, Mr. Kastelic, Miss Block, Principal
Miss Doris Hewitt's going away picture, 1st grade
St. Francis Heights Elementary School, 2nd & 3rd grade