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CATEGORY: St. Francis Days

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St. Francis R N R Band
City of St.Francis float with Miss St.Francis
2 unknown girls dancing (2 copies) (The Dancing Hansing's - see next photo)
Convertible 'The Dancing Hansing's' with two girls sitting on back of rear seat
2 girls dancing (The Dancing Hansing's)
Band marching in parade on KK just past Yankee Builders
Group of children with their hands in the air, taken from the back
Robert Freimuth holding microphone for a queen(?)
Lake Band
Group of men dipping corn in butter (3 copies)
Sweet Apple-Wood Queen riding on Patrick Cudahy float (2 copies)
Cigarette (?) girl taking money from a man
St. Francis Days parade (5 photos)
Dave Goltz, Ed Wagner, Bob Schwingle (2 photos)
Setting up St. Francis Days, Margi and John Heidenreich, Leana Kaufmann, Richard Nuszbaum (6 photos)
photo 1, a group of girls at a booth, Harwood Staats is the man in the center photo 2, 2 girls receiving a trophy from Gil Loferski photo 3, a group of men looking at roasting corn
St. Francis Historical Society booth with unknown people, 6 photos
Setting up Historical Society booth at St Francis days, unknown people, 7 photos
Photo 1, men marching in parade, Milt Vretenar in dark blue shirt, light blue jacket Photos 2,3,4 St. Francis Fire department Photo 5, Cheryl Maslowski Photo 6, St. Francis Firet departmen
Photo 1, Daniel Hanna Photo 2, Members of unknown band Photo 3, Pabst (Blatz) Brewing Co band Photo 4, Boys with fishing poles
Photos of booth, 6 photos
Photo 1, St. Francis Fire department truck Photo 2, St. Francis High School band
8 Various parade photos
General Mitchell International Airport vehicle
20 various parade photos
Various photos from St Francis Days 1967, 7 photos
St. Francis Days parade, 36 photos
1966 Miss St. Francis helps in booth building for the 1967 St. Francis Days, Kitty Borck, Rich Neubauer, Gil Loferski, Jerry Szymkowski
Miss St. Francis, Antoinette Grabske, Marion Koszuta, 1st runner up, Liri Giaquinto, 2nd runner up