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CATEGORY: Historic Houses, Buildings & Places

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Adolph P. Schulte house (had 5 daughters, could be Matilda b. 1887 & Frances b. 1890) (House was located on the corner of Pennsylvania and Norwich)
Sacred Heart and Old Post Office (Located on the corner of St. Francis Avenue and KK)
Old George Wentworth farm, the 2nd house on the site as it looked when the Talaska family lived there (1920-1928) It was razed in 1956. (Located on Bessey's Hill, site of St. Francis High School)
Elizabeth Packard, Joseph Felton house ( located in the 3700 block of KK, on the east side of the street)
Christ Brust house on East St. Francis Avenue and Kansas Avenue
Post card picture of Victor Schulte house on Pennsylvania Avenue
Sexton/Hemmi/Rapant house with various people identified (house located where Harnischfeger/Stark Investments/FBI is now)
Frank Brust house (Located on the corner of Illinois & Holt)
Left - Sacred Heart of Jesus church, Right - Post Office (located on the corner of St. Francis Avenue and KK)
Photo of Rapant house with photo of Rapant family on Theresa Rapant & Joseph Wavrinec's wedding day1
Duncan Campbell house (located on the corner of Kingan and Howard)
Site of city hall located at 4235 South Nicholson Avenue, possible August Pipkorn house
House burning by Fire Department on future site of city hall on Nicholson Avenue
Rapant residence located at 3729 So. Packard Ave. donated to St. Francis Fire Department for practice. Originally Dirksmeyer farmhouse
Home of early settler Peter Mueller, later home of Milton Vretenar (located in 4200 block of Packard Avenue)
Karras family front and rear (former home of Hayden & Elizabeth (Packard) Thompson (located at 3813 So. KK Avenue)
Putney house, now home of Bill Drehfal on Whitnall Avenue
Koenig house (?) located on Packard Avenue
Possibly Jared Thompson homestead (located at 3948 South KK) 3 photos
John Paulu house (locate between Waterford and Norwich on KK)