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CATEGORY: Boy Scouts

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Mrs. Barbara Rohn, 4113 S Hately, St.Francis with den
Eight boy scouts or cub scouts with two leaders with food baskets probably about November or December
Picture of boy scouts or cub scouts and leaders from Willow Glen school with popcorn, separate sheet identifying most of them
Thompson Cub Pack 305, Webelo graduation, 2 adults, 4 boys
Pack 302 of Willow Glen, 1961 baseball champs
Scout awards at Willow Glen, all adults, identified on separate paper
Willow Glen Pack Meet, boys and leaders dressed in Indian regalia
Boy Scouts Troup 302 from Willow Glen school marching in a parade and a photo of one boy in a football uniform at a booth
Pack 305, Den 4, Deer Creek School taken at the Lupo house
Girl Scouts planting Scout 'Goodwill" plants
Combined Brownie and Girl Scout Troups, Thompson, Willow Glen and St. Francis Heights (Faircrest) schools