St. Francis Historical Society - Board of Directors - 2014-2015

The St. Francis Historical Society is managed by a 9 member Board of Directors which meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month. In addition, there are 4 Honorary Board Members. Much of the work of the Society is accomplished by committees that meet on an ad hoc basis.



President ........... Bill Drehfal

Vice-President ... Anna Passante

Secretary .......... Stephanie Maxwell

Treasurer .......... Carol L. Wojtecki


Board Members

Terry Duffy

Barbara Janiszewski

CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls

Sister Ceil Struck

Dennis Wojtecki


Honorary Board Members

Jim Goodwin

Maggie Luczywko

Lois Neubauer

Richard Raatz


Newsletter Team

Barbara Janiszewski

Anna Passante


Website and Facebook Team

Randy Borland

Barbara Janiszewski

Dennis Wojtecki